Johnston Water Softener

Johnston Water Softener and Water Purification Expert Presents the ION Cooler

Products by ION impose a new example of quality by dispensing an unlimited source of refreshing, cool drinking water right from the kitchen tap

The water softener and water filtration system installer with the Johnston Water Softener Company proudly offers the ION Cooler, a convenient, high performance water purifying product that provides a continuous source of refreshing, clean and cold drinking water.

The Johnston water softener expert highly recommends the ION Cooler InstaChill system for numerous reasons. This product stands apart from other water filtration systems because it does not use a tank or bottle to keep water. Every single glass of water coming from the ION Cooler is fresh filtered and promptly chilled.

The ION Cooler comes in a selection of colors and models and the water softener and water filter installer can deliver the innovative system to home and business owners. The RapidHot model gives steaming water for coffee, tea, cocoa or instant soup. Also enjoy carbonated water (carbonated) at the touch of a button, as a wholesome substitute to soda pops.

The ION Cooler is pure, uncomplicated and smart. The Johnston Water Softener Company ( will send a skilled water treatment technician to evaluate the customer's requirements and install the appropriate device to serve their needs.

Johnston Water Softener is family owned and operated and has served Iowa citizens and business owners for more than 40 years. Owner, TJ Riley, provides excellent products, personally tried with a high level of client service with the home-town, Mid-West ambience. Check out to learn more.